A Wedding in London Town

When I first met Amanda and Ankit for their engagement session (which you can see here ) I thought their London wedding sounded right up my street, and I was so right!

They got married in the lovely Holy Trinity Church in London. Near the water, not far form Canary Wharf. Amanda got ready in the Hilton Docklands Riverside Hotel and had the most amazing views of London from her room!

I was very upset that they didn’t take me to their traditional Indian wedding a few weeks before their London one, but they redeemed themselves by incorporating a lot of elements form Ankit’s heritage to their day. Their day was filled with colour, love and laughter; and it was amazing to see both their families and all their friends come together to celebrate their love.

I was also lucky enough to have the lovely Bekcy from  Life through a Lens Photography to second shoot for me and we had the best day!

Here are some of the lovely images we took.

Congratulations Amanda and Ankit!!

London Wedding

PhotographybyPaloma4 PhotographybyPaloma22 PhotographybyPaloma28 PhotographybyPaloma32 PhotographybyPaloma39 PhotographybyPaloma52 PhotographybyPaloma76 PhotographybyPaloma84 PhotographybyPaloma97 PhotographybyPaloma102 PhotographybyPaloma106 PhotographybyPaloma109 PhotographybyPaloma112 PhotographybyPaloma133 PhotographybyPaloma135 PhotographybyPaloma138 PhotographybyPaloma140 PhotographybyPaloma142 PhotographybyPaloma147 PhotographybyPaloma172 PhotographybyPaloma173 PhotographybyPaloma236 PhotographybyPaloma248 PhotographybyPaloma260 PhotographybyPaloma277 PhotographybyPaloma365 PhotographybyPaloma371 PhotographybyPaloma377 PhotographybyPaloma434 PhotographybyPaloma447 PhotographybyPaloma451 PhotographybyPaloma455 PhotographybyPaloma458 PhotographybyPaloma473


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