Do we **really** need an engagement shoot?

Well, need is a very strong word… I wouldn’t say you **need** it, but it certainly helps both of us.

By this point we would  have already talked and discussed your amazing day, but this could be the first time we meet each other face to face… dar dar daaaaar!!!! I always encourage my couples to have at the very least 1 meet up before the wedding , and if due to logistics this is not possible then a skype chat so we can get an idea of each other.

Most people I know (including myself) aren’t 100% comfortable in front of the camera and so a pre wedding session is a wonderful opportunity for you to see that I don’t bite (unless you really want me to and then everything can be discussed haha!) and to get a feel of how I will work on your day.

It is also nice to get some nice photos of you both as a couple but without the wedding gear on. Most couples I meet don’t have a single proper photo of them which isn’t a selfie taken with a mobile home or similar.

Pre Wedding shoots are included in most of my packages, but if you don’t yet have a date in mind but fancy having some profesional photos of you both this can also be arranged, please drop us a message if you would like a price list or more details!

Here are some examples of pre wedding images!Black&White14PhotographybyPaloma3PhotographybyPaloma8PhotographybyPaloma20PhotographybyPaloma13PhotographybyPaloma15PhotographybyPaloma18PhotographybyPaloma35PhotographybyPaloma40PhotographybyPaloma1 (3)Preview7Preview111PhotographybyPaloma11PhotographybyPaloma14



Mother and Baby

As well as weddings, I absolutely love capturing the bond bewteen parents and children.

I don’t think anything compares to the love a parent feels for their child.

Last week I met with Helen from the wonderful Doily Days  to do a mother and baby session.  We decided to meet in one of her favourite places in Worthing, The vintage Tea Rooms by the Dome cinema.

We were so lucky with the weather we were even able to go for a stroll on the pier and the beach with little Rupert.

I don’t get tired of capturing these early days! As a mum I know how quickly they grow and how precious these memories can be.

If you’d like a family or parent and baby session please do get in touch! Gift vouchers available.


A 50’s styled Bridal Shoot

Last summer I really wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone.  I wanted to do something which I didn’t feel too confident with and ended up organizing 2 styled photoshoots.

It was stressful, but my god was it worth it! It was so much fun and I was very happy with the results as I felt the hard work had paid off.

These kind of shoots. always colaborating with other local suppliers, are a great way of being as creative as I want without the pressure of it being an actual wedding. It got me excited of what I could achieve and I will hopefully be organizing some more in the near future.

I found out about a fab location near where I live in Worthing; it used to be a working garage but after the  owner died, it was left to decay.  Eventually it was purchased and turned into luxury accomodation, but the new owners/developers kept the stunning art deco look.

I borrowed two stunning dresses from a beautiful boutique in the Brighton and Hove area.  If you are looking for original vintage and breathtakingly beautiful wedding gowns at very reasonable prices, you just have to go and see Heather!  Her dresses are out of this world, and her love for what she does really shows on the way she manages her business.  If you go and see her you won’t be dissapointed!!    She had 2 dresses which fitted the theme beatifully!

For the Bouquets I really fancied something different. Not flowers but something quirky, which would hopefully blend in with the theme… I found just the thing and Mandy very kindly lent us her beautiful handmade button bouquets.

For the make up I knew exactly who I needed, Chelle had done a such a great job in a previous styled shoot I just knew she would nail the 50’s look. And she did! If you need a make up artist for your wedding, or for any special event I would highly recommend her.

For the hair I asked the very talented Kerry and she managed to create 2 beautiful does for our ladies.

I couldn’t have done it without the help of the wonderful Hannah who was incredibly helpful!

I wanted to create  a 50’s wedding look, with a bit of rock and roll thrown in and decided to go for a same sex wedding theme to add a modern touch!

This shoot was published in the wonderful Pink Wedding Magazines  which is the leading gay wedding magazine for those wanting to plan the perfect same sex wedding and get inspiration!

I won’t bore you with any more details, and instead will leave you to enjoy the photos we took that day!


50s Bridal Photoshoot 3950s bridal photoshoot50s Bridal photoshoot250s Bridal photoshoot350s Bridal photoshoot450s Bridal photoshoot550s Bridal photoshoot650s Bridal photoshoot750s Bridal photoshoot850s Bridal Photoshoot950s bridal photoshoot1050s Bridal photoshoot1150s Bridal Photoshoot1250s Bridal Photoshoot1350s Bridal Photoshoot1450s Bridal Photoshoot1550s Bridal Photoshoot1650s Bridal Photoshoot1750s Bridal Photoshoot1850s Bridal photoshoot1950s Bridal photoshoot2050s Bridal photoshoot2150s Bridal photoshoot2250s Bridal photoshoot2350s Bridal photoshoot2450s Bridal photoshoot2550s Bridal photoshoot2650s Bridal photoshoot2750s Bridal Photoshoot2850s Bridal photoshoot2950s Bridal photoshoot3050s Bridal photoshoot3150s Bridal photoshoot3250s Bridal photoshoot3350s Bridal Photoshoot3450s Bridal photoshoot3550s Bridal Photoshoot3650s Bridal Photoshoot3750s Bridal Photoshoot38


An Engagement Session in London Town

Last Saturday saw me going to London to meet Amanda and Ankit whose wedding I am shooting later this year.

We met near their house and they welcomed me in with a nice cup of tea and cuddles from Avi, their beautiful fur baby… I still regret not getting him into my bag!

Amanda and Ankit are having a small wedding in London in April before they jet off to India where they will have a bigger affair!  I only wish I was coming to that one as well!

You can really see the love between these two and I really cannot wait to their big day!

Here are some images we took.

Two Thousand and Fifteen


What an incredible year it was.

One of growth,  hard work and discovery.  All this lead me to start the year with a brand new blog.

I did 2 super inspirational workshops. The first back in June with the super talented Steve Gerrard.

It taught me  the importance of networking and I met some amazing photographers. I also took some of my favourite ever images on his hands on session.1.jpg  In late November I attended a workshop in Sussex with the incredible Jo Brown.

I learnt about finding my true theme and to translate that into my images. I also learnt it is ok that my work isn’t for everyone. To accept my style won’t suit every bride around and to be braver.  I came out feeling refreshed and inspired which is just what I needed!



It was also a year of travelling! I feel like I’ve been all over the shop and so incredibly grateful for it. I  went to Vegas for the first time ever in October and it was magical. It has since become one of my favourite places ever. I thought it woould be slightly seedy and just not for me, but it is dreamy. The light, the sights, all it has to offer aside of the gambling. If you haven’t been I absolutely recommend it. I would go there tomorrow if I could!!!


As if that wasn’t already incredible, I was then lucky enough to be taken to NYC for my birthday. It was amazing, the weather was lovely, and we did a hell of a lot in 2 days; as a result my legs and feet were almost dead for 2 days, but man it was worth it.


November saw me getting involved in a styled shoot for the wonderful Doily Days.

It was for their special issue which will be published in March, so I can’t share too many photos, but it was a fab day. Once again I got to meet some very talented people from the wedding industry and got to get creative, which is something I can’t get enough of.  You may spot to lovely Kelly from Truly Quirky Wedding Venues


On Halloween I shot what it is likely to be my most favourite couple’s shoot I have ever done. They won the competition I was running on the wedding fair I did in September with Quaint Queer Weird.

We took some smoke bombs to the woods and the results were lush!


It wasn’t all about weddings and couples in 2015,  I also had the privilege to shoot some wonderful families.

I love that the families who pick me let me do my thing, they don’t mind that what I suggest may make no sense at the time as they trust me to deliver some beautiful memories.


Here are some of my favourites.

I seriously can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for me and all my clients past and new!