Do we **really** need an engagement shoot?

Well, need is a very strong word… I wouldn’t say you **need** it, but it certainly helps both of us.

By this point we would  have already talked and discussed your amazing day, but this could be the first time we meet each other face to face… dar dar daaaaar!!!! I always encourage my couples to have at the very least 1 meet up before the wedding , and if due to logistics this is not possible then a skype chat so we can get an idea of each other.

Most people I know (including myself) aren’t 100% comfortable in front of the camera and so a pre wedding session is a wonderful opportunity for you to see that I don’t bite (unless you really want me to and then everything can be discussed haha!) and to get a feel of how I will work on your day.

It is also nice to get some nice photos of you both as a couple but without the wedding gear on. Most couples I meet don’t have a single proper photo of them which isn’t a selfie taken with a mobile home or similar.

Pre Wedding shoots are included in most of my packages, but if you don’t yet have a date in mind but fancy having some profesional photos of you both this can also be arranged, please drop us a message if you would like a price list or more details!

Here are some examples of pre wedding images!Black&White14PhotographybyPaloma3PhotographybyPaloma8PhotographybyPaloma20PhotographybyPaloma13PhotographybyPaloma15PhotographybyPaloma18PhotographybyPaloma35PhotographybyPaloma40PhotographybyPaloma1 (3)Preview7Preview111PhotographybyPaloma11PhotographybyPaloma14